November 17 - Holiday Fair - We will be there at the VFW in Brentwood - read more:

We will be at:  VFW Auxiliary Post 10789 Veteran’s Memorial Building 757 First Street, Brentwood, Ca 94513 Saturday, November 17, 2018 11:00 a.m. TO 5:00 p.m.

Greetings!  Lots of new and exciting things going on for Fall at the Ranch.  We had our first craft show at the Discovery Bay Yacht Club on Nov 3 & 4!  We will be at the Knightsen craft fair (I'll post more info) Dec 1.  

Brand newly created farm animal chalk boards, Animal soaps, and natural soaps - all hand made.  Check back for pics.  Also check us out on Etsy and FaceBook @looseroost.  

Our fall hours are now reduced.  We are open Saturdays only from 9am to 2pm.  However you may call us and order your eggs, honey, pollen and honeycomb for pick up during the week or weekend ahead of time.  Also we plan on having so holiday hours after Thanksgiving.  Evenings on Friday & Saturday from 5pm to 7pm at the barn.  You'll be able to come in and see what we have been creating (handmade signs, animal chalkboards, wine bottle lighting fixtures, animal and natural honey soaps, beeswax candles and more!  Shop and get some neat gifts for Christmas.  Pet two friendly goats.  Sip on some Apple Cider, Tea or Coffee with our Loose Rooster Honey, and look around.  I'll post an opening shortly!

The Loose Rooster Ranch takes credit card payments through Square, Paypal ( and I also take Venmo!

Please look for me on venmo, or scan 

Honey prices:

8 oz = $8

12 oz = $12

16 oz = $16

16oz glass bottle with honey dipper (holiday packaged) $18.50


Small breed = $19

Large breed 4 to 7 month old hens (not yet laying)

Large breed laying hens 7 month to one year old = $22


1 dozen = $5

18 pack = $8.50


All natural Honey & Beeswax lip balms!

Made from our harvested beeswax from our Loose Rooster Ranch hives, and our delicious honey - we now have "lip service".  I personally am in love with these.  They include all organic ingredients: Beeswax, honey, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Shea Butter.  Vitamin E, and a lovely combination of peppermint & vanilla essential oils.  

Get yours now at the ranch farm stand for $2.50 for stocking stuffers!

AUGUST 11 - Honey Harvesting and Tasting Class - 4pm to 6pm.  Come learn how we extract the honey and then bottle it.  You will learn to extract from the honeycomb frames, spin and bottle honey and go home with an 8 oz bottle.  You will have a honey tasting of other unique honeys, and taste pollen!  Join us on Saturday August 11.  This is a free event, but if you would like to contribute please bring your favorite cheese to share and try with honey.  The Loose Rooster will provide crackers, goat cheese, honey and pollen for tasting. Honey and other products available for your purchase. Please RSVP by text to 408-431-2273 by August 9th.

2018 - BEE LIVES MATTER PROGRAM - going strong - honey harvesting the hives that are ready!
Did you ever want to work with bees? Get your own honey?  Learn more and help the environment?  Learn more about beekeeping and how to  SPONSOR YOUR OWN HIVE  (click) for more info!
A full hive sponsorship is $225/$250  AND if you can't do a full hive - join a GROUP hive.  $10 for drone sponsor, $25 for worker bee sponsor, and $50 for a queen bee sponsor.  I'll paint your name(s) on the hive box and you can participate in all the same activities live or from afar!  Click on the link above to learn more.

WE HAVE EGGS FOR SALE $5 a dozen - but please call, text or email us in advance. FALL HOURS: Saturday 9am - 2pm. Also BY Appt.  Call us!
ORDER YOUR HONEY, POLLEN, SOAPS, LIP BALMS call or email (order products) or buy eggs and honey at 925-308-7126

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Raw, pure GOLD

Do you know who your beekeepers are? Where that honey came from?  I can show you the hive it came from!

Get yours now!!




Farm fresh eggs, green/brown/white/buff color, medium/large sized.

$5 a dozen

3280 Bixler Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513


cell: 408-431-2273 (text)

Fall hours:

Eggs have been SOLD OUT each week!

If you see the sign is OPEN come on in!

Saturday - 9am - 2pm 

AND By Appt.

Member of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce 2016-2018

Member of "Brentwood Grown"

Member of San Francisco Beekeepers Association

Member of Diablo Valley Beekeeper Association

California Registered Egg Handler#3916

We are registered ORGANIC in California and 

Organic Certification in the works!


NEW LOGO (above) which we now have t-shirts, bags, stickers and hats!

We are busy getting ready for winter now.  The rains will come soon and so we are modifying the barn to be able to drain water better.

We have fresh free range eggs for sale at $5 a dozen. 

We have a CONVENIENT DRIVE THRU for you.

We are PESTICIDE FREE  and REGISTERED ORGANIC, and in process of our ORGANIC CERTIFICATION for California 

 NON GMO!  All  non GMO seeds - no genetically altered produce!

We have California home grown, free ranging chickens(not from mail order or from a feed store which orders them from "chicken mills" (like puppy mills) and ships them across country!!)These are real free range, organic chickens folks!  They are our pest control on our veggies!

PLANTING SEASON:  Summer planting now: Squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, cantaloupe and herbs.  Flowers for the bees; lavender, rosemary, sage, savia, catnip and for us as well, oregano, basil, nasturtium.  

HONEY:  Honey to be harvested first week of July!  We have Pollen.  We have honeycomb

Honey:  8oz, 12oz and 16oz/1lb BPA free squeeze bottles.  The price is $1 per oz so a pound of honey is $16.

Price for honey comb is $1 an oz and each container is marked with a price. 

The cool thing is that you get to meet the beekeepers in person AND they can point to the hive and show you exactly where the honey came from.  It's not a "blend" of hives - each bottle is from one of the 3 hives we have in the front of the ranch!

The Apiary (hives) that we own are strictly for honey production and local pollination - not commercial and they stay on the property year round.  We have names for each hive:  The Honey Hen, Angry Rooster, and Disco Bay Gold.  These names reflect in our labels (see Bee Lives Matter page)  

We also have about 60 commercial hives in the back acres of the property - these are owned by a pollinator beekeeper that provides pollination to the local farmers. We help store these hives in the winter, and then they go to pollinate almonds, cherry and fruit orchards around the area in the Spring.  

See our "Bee Lives Matter" page for more info and on our program "Bee Lives Matter" designed to include you.

We are an Urban Farm on 4.75 acres.  Located in the little niche farming area of Brentwood/Discovery Bay, California.  Part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Here you will find a smaller, rich-fertile land, and farming community. Brentwood is notoriously noted for producing most of California's almond crops. At Loose Rooster Ranch, we take advantage of that fertile growing soil, and grow incredibly amazing tasting arugula, bok-choy, all different types of squash, zucchini, beets, kale, peppers and spinach.  We started from scratch in 2014, on land that had not been cultivated in a decade or more.  Our biggest challenge is time and controlling weeds.  Since we are weekend warriors (we have day jobs Monday thru Friday) we have limited time to work the farm.  Yet, we prevail and every year make more improvements and produce more!

In the first two years we struggled with success and failure to see what would grow.  The soil which we have conditioned and now rich in nutrients, bugs and natural fertilizer (from our horses, chickens and composts), we are excited to be growing what the soil produces and to be adding plants and trees monthly to our 4.75 acre ranch.

Our birds:  We have bred a very hearty variety of chickens that are a cross between Buff Orphingtons, Leghorns, and American Game Birds, that will produce medium sized eggs for years. These hens are native to California, not from mail order or feed stores.  

These birds are very tolerant to disease, hot dry temps, and freezing cold snowy weather.  In fact we had a 12 year old rooster, named Sweet Pea - the Grand Daddy to them all!  We lost him in 2016, but he would crow every morning and could be found nestled in with his two girls, in our front acre.  His son, Pretty Boy has now replaced him, as our mascot, as he keeps up the family business

We have six horses of various breed and in various stages of training.  Some have shown in the California State Horseman's Association circuit shows, and some have been shown at the Reno Livestock center!  The owner, Katrina Lomax, is a long time horse trainer and she had adopted & trained 3 Mustangs, as well as participated many years in the Mustang Makeover in Reno too!  The horses are part of our life and our business.  

We have 5 goats,  which we use for weed abatement, and they are fun to watch.  One we have hired as our 'guard goat' and as a  warning to strangers, he will defend the property!  He loves carrots as payment.

We have two medium sized ranch dogs. Both rescued.  Chippewa or "Chip" for short: a medium sized border/terrier about two and a half years old. Aria: A sweet, quiet, border collie mix also two and a half years old.

We are busy being weekend warriors; getting this venture up and running has been a challenge.  With the tractor we are clearing, tilling, planting, building, moving manure, fixing drainage etc.  We opened a "small farm stand" in March 2017.  Our grand opening was May 1, 2017 and you now see the sign "The Loose Rooster Ranch" and the other signs for honey, eggs, squash, zucchini and bath products (soap, lotion, horse hair bracelets) made from herbs/flowers/veggies/honey grown on the property.   We always offer our free range fresh eggs and, we have seasonal honey, honey comb and pollen that sells out fast.  We also have some awesome organic seasonal produce and products of that produce and seeds!  Horse hair bracelets made from our Mustangs and more!

Check back for updates regularly. Last update: July 20, 2018