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Check here for our online Etsy shop - Soap, crafts, farm items

We will be selling our honey, honey products, bath items, and farm crafts at the Urban Edge Farm Store.  Saturday Feb 9, 2019  Valentine Artisan Faire  
Urban Edge Farm Store is located at 2017 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood CA 94513

We have three types of classes.  All available to sign up and pay on Eventbrite.  Soap making Easy, which is open to 10 and over.  Bath fizzie/bomb making open to 10 and over, and a cold process soap making class open to 18 and over.

SOAP MAKING CLASS (EASY) for adults and children (over 10 years old)- Did you every want to learn a fun way to create ready to use soaps?  Only $10 in Jan, Feb & March. This is a fun class that is guaranteed to have you loving what you bring home!

Dates: Sunday February 3rd from 2pm to 4pm sign up HERE
           Sunday February 10th from 11am to 1pm sign up HERE

           * Price increases to $15 in April
Make Easter soaps Sunday April 14th from 2pm - 4pm click here
See flyer below:

Come make sheep, chickens, owls, horses, goats, mermaids, and more!  Pick scents like Vanilla, Cherry, peppermint, Orange and more!  pick your colors or learn techniques for making multicolored soap.  All soap is goats milk melt and pour soap base we call HOTPOUR.  non toxic and fun!

Bath Bomb/Fizzie making - $10  PER PERSON

Sunday February 10 from 2pm to 4pm CLICK HERE

Wed February 13 from 1pm to 3pm. CLICK HERE

Tues February 12 from 6pm to 8pm (sip and make bath bombs - over 21) click here

Wed Februray 13 from 6pm to 8pm (SOLD OUT)

Sunday March 3rd from 2pm to 4pm CLICK HERE

Join us for a fun 2 hours of making easy bath bombs that will be sure to please you. We will handle all the mess and you will have fun with your child or with your friends, while you both create really nice guest, gift or personal use bath bombs! We have many fragrances & essential oils to choose from and you can color the bath bombs in different natural clay or mica pigments. , The ingredients are non toxic and your bath bomb you take home will be ready to use! You will make 4 to 6 beautiful bath bombs and go home with recipes for more!

You must sign up using Eventbrite links.  Space is limited and so there will be no payments take at the door.  The fee covers the ingredients and materials, time, venue and instruction


THE REAL DEAL for adults only (18 and over)
Did you every want to learn the traditional way soap is really made?  Let Kate and Cindy show you how to make them!

This is the hands on old fashioned way to make soap.  We will use the saponification process, using all natural and some organic ingredients.  

You'll learn how sodium hydroxide reacts with natural oils like olive, coconut, shea butter and palm kernel oil.  Use of fresh cows milk, spices like tumeric and natural Kaolinite clays to soften, color and texture soap.  Use wonder molds that are interesting and produce great results

You'll go home with three different kinds of naturally made soap and the recipes to re-create them...or we will have come for purchase.  You can always join another class to come practice!  This is a fun class that is guaranteed to have you loving what you bring home!

Dates: Wednesday January 30 from 1pm to 3pm CLICK HERE FOR TICKET

Sunday February 24 from 1pm to 3pm  CLICK HERE FOR TICKET

Sunday March 24 from 2pm to 4pm  CLICK HERE FOR TICKET

Check back for more future dates as we will post when available. Updated Jan 29, 2019

* You must sign up using Eventbrite links.  Space is limited and so there will be no payments take at the door.  The fee covers the ingredients and materials, time, venue and instruction.  You must cancel 24 hours in advance.

FRESH - FREE-RANGING CHICKENS - These eggs are so different - get yours today


Our eggs are free range, pasture raised, and from all different breeds of chickens.  You see, we believe that the chickens born from generations on the ranch have been naturally selected from the strongest chickens.  

We do not believe that one breed of chicken is best - we like the "mutt" of chickens - those that survived year after year, strong foragers, disease tolerant, heat and cold resistant, and from hens that were allowed to have their baby chicks here.  

No genetically altered chickens, no antibiotics, no false advertising.  

ALSO we are a registered valid business and with a registered valid egg producer and handler certified!  Beware of those selling backyard eggs (on Social Media) and without a business license!  Beware of those ranches that have slow egg production - their chickens may not have been so hardy or come from breeders in the Midwest that only care about how many they can sell to feed stores..  These chickens (chicks) are marketed so that they produce max eggs in 2 years and then die.



HAND MADE - FARM PRODUCTS from recycled items found at the ranch and from natures ingredients

We have quite a few handmade items for sale now!  Please consider shopping locally and supporting local farms and crafters.

Newly created farm animal chalk boards, drink caddy's from reclaimed barnwood, Animal soaps, and natural soaps - all hand made with items from the Ranch.  Check back for pics. FaceBook @looseroost.  

Winter hours - We will be open as the weather permits.  By appt - please call us at 925-308-7126 for orders of honey, Honeycomb, bee pollen, and eggs for pick up during the week.  Please give us 24 hour notice.   

Text or call us first - Convenient drive through - just pull in the driveway at the barn or main entrance - off street parking!


All natural Honey & Beeswax lip balms!

Made from our harvested beeswax from our Loose Rooster Ranch hives, and our delicious honey - we now have "lip service".  

Two kinds to choose from - Peppermint Vanilla & Lavender Vanilla

I personally am in love with these.  They include all organic ingredients: Beeswax, honey, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and a lovely combination of peppermint & vanilla essential oils.  These were selling at the Brentwood Ace for $3.79 and sold out!  So get them now at the ranch barn-stand for $2.50 

Handmade products include lotion bars, Body mousse, natural soaps, beeswax candles, crocheted face/body 'scrubbies', drink caddies, farm animal chalk boards, and more!  We also use reclaimed/repurposed wood to create unique hand crafted pieces. We have jewelry made from real Mustang horse hair (since we do own 3 gentled, once wild, registered Mustangs)  - we are creating and adding things everyday, so check back!

Some of our home made products include pure beeswax candles and various items made from old barn wood and other things found around the property.

The Loose Rooster Ranch takes credit card payments through Square, Paypal ( and I also take Venmo!

Please look for me on venmo, or scan.

Honey prices:

8 oz = $8

12 oz = $12

16 oz = $16

16oz glass bottle with honey dipper (holiday packaged) $18.50

Pollen: 2 oz bottle for $3

Honeycomb: $1.20 an ounce


Pullets (small breed not yet laying) $15

Small breed (laying) = $19

Large breed 4 to 7 month old hens (not yet laying) $20

Large breed laying hens 7 month to one year old = $22 - $25


Small/Medium $5 - $8

Large: $10

Buff Orphington and Americana Breeding: $25


1 dozen = $5

18 pack = $8.50

Hatching eggs: 5 dollar dozen mixed breed - call ahead

2019 - BEE LIVES MATTER PROGRAM - honey harvesting the hives that are ready!
Did you ever want to work with bees? Get your own honey?  Learn more and help the environment?  Learn more about beekeeping and how to  SPONSOR YOUR OWN HIVE  (click) for more info!
If you cannot have a hive on your property - you can on ours! Join our program.
A full hive sponsorship is $225/$250  AND if you can't do a full hive - join a GROUP hive.  $10 for drone sponsor, $25 for worker bee sponsor, and $50 for a queen bee sponsor.  I'll paint your name(s) on the hive box and you can participate in all the same activities live or from afar!  Click on the link above to learn more.


Registered Organic

Registered Apiaries

Registered Egg Handlers


Raw, pure GOLD

Do you know who your beekeepers are? Where that honey came from?  I can show you the hive it came from!

Get yours now!!



All Natural made from organic ingredients - soaps & vegan soaps


Farm fresh eggs, green/brown/white/buff color, medium/large sized.

$5 a dozen

3280 Bixler Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513


cell: 408-431-2273 (text)

Member of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce 2016-2018

Member of "Brentwood Grown"

Member of San Francisco Beekeepers Association

Member of Diablo Valley Beekeeper Association

California Registered Egg Handler#3916

We are registered ORGANIC in California

Members of the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association

Members of the San Francisco Beekeepers Association


NEW LOGO (above) which we now have t-shirts, bags, stickers and hats!

PLANTING SEASON: Shortly in February we will start planting the following:

 Bok Choy, Arugula, Kale, Cabbage, Spinach, & varieties of lettuce

Summer planting we start in April:

Squash, zucchini, eggplant varieties, watermelon, cantaloupe and herbs.  Late: pumpkins

All year we plant: Flowers for the bees and edible for us; lavender, rosemary, sage, savia, sunflowers, catnip and for us as well, oregano, basil, nasturtium.  

The cool thing is that you get to meet us, your beekeepers in person AND we can point to the hives and show you exactly where the honey came from.  It's not a "blend" of hives - each bottle is from one of the hives we have in the front of the ranch!

The Apiary (hives) that we own are strictly for honey production and local pollination - not commercial and they stay on the property year round.  We have names for each hive:  The Honey Hen, Angry Rooster, and Disco Bay Gold. We also have sponsored hives that have their sponsors names, which they bottle for themselves.

Today we have about 60 commercial hives in the back acres of the property.  These are owned by a pollinator beekeeper that provides pollination to the local farmers. We help store these hives in the winter, and then they go to pollinate almonds, cherry and fruit orchards around the area in the Spring.  


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